Easter Ad Pack 2018
Pre-Built Strategy That Includes:
  •  13 unique Facebook Ad images
  •  3 Ad image templates that are proven to work
  •  A/B Ad copy that you can split test and modify
  •  Retargeting Ad copy
  •  Expert level ad strategy
  •  Retargeting Ad strategy
  •  A budget plan for a successful campaign
  •  [OPTIONAL] Direct access to Richy and Andrew inside the Implementation Facebook Group
The 2018 Easter Ad Pack is no longer for sale. If you purchased the pack, please log in by clicking above!
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Results From Churches Who Have Used This Ad Pack
  •  Average Sunday Attendance: 1,050
  •  Normal Holiday Attendance: 1,500
  •  Attendance Using This Ad Pack: 2,000
  •  BONUS: Church reported 1,250 regular attendees post event.
  •  Average Sunday Attendance: 1,400
  •  Normal Holiday Attendance: 1,700
  •  Attendance Using This Ad Pack: 2,400
  •  BONUS: Church reported 160 commitments to Christ and 32 Baptized!

  •  Average Event Attendance: 150
  •  Attendance Using This Ad Pack: 450
  •  BONUS: The following Sunday attendance was up by 30% made up of mostly first-time visitors!
  •  Average Sunday Attendance: 1,300
  •  Normal Holiday Attendance: 1,700
  •  Attendance Using This Ad Pack: 2,600
  •  BONUS: Church reported 75 people came to Christ from this event!
Whether you are a seasoned Facebook marketing vet or you are just getting started this year, all you have to do is follow the roadmap.  We've developed a 14-day, 6-step strategy that takes the guesswork out of Facebook advertising to help you bring online traffic to offline events.
The 2018 Easter Ad Pack is no longer for sale. If you purchased the pack, please log in by clicking above!
Q: What does the ad pack include?
This is an A to Z Facebook ad pack that includes: images, image templates, ad copy/strategy, retargeting ad copy/strategy, budget plan, execution timeline, and an optional upgrade to join an implementation FB group to get more hands-on support from Richy, Andrew, and peers.
Q: If I upgrade to the group, what can I expect?
You'll join your peers in an intimate environment designed to help you implement the ad pack.  Whether you have questions about the strategy, ad copy variations, or just technical support, you can work alongside others who are enjoying the exact same process.  Andrew and Richy will monitor the group and help where needed PLUS go live once per week for on-demand, live support Q&A.
Q: Can I use this if I have never run Facebook ads before?
The answer is yes BUT...while everything you need to run a successful Facebook campaign is included in this pack, you'll need to know the basics of buildout and management inside the FB ads manager/power editor.  If you don't and are brand new to the platform, you can still use this, BUT you'll definitely want to upgrade to the Facebook group for help.
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